PHYSIUM®System is a non-invasive and multifocal device. Treatment is provided through controlled Pulsed Negative Pressure (PNP). Its pulsating vacuum system induces a soft tissue mobilization massage at adjustable depths. The stimulus is applied with anatomically designed treatment heads.

PHYSIUM®System is a stand-alone device, intended for simultaneous global treatment of tension chains, with touch screen, multiple fixed and mobile treatment outlets (working individually or simultaneously), and interchangeable treatment heads.

The clinician administers PHYSIUM® treatment (bio-stimulus) by selecting:

  • Pulse frequency for treatment purpose
  • Pressure (digitally adjustable to 1 mbar) for depth
  • Negative pressure up-down time
  • Fixed positioning (no attendance required) of its eight adjustable arms
  • Use of its dual mobile arms for manual intervention
  • Appropriate treatment head selection

Treatment heads are designed for maximum efficacy, depending on treatment protocol, desired outcome, surface size, bio-stimuli needed, and morphological complexity of the tissue surface to be treated.

Maximum Negative Pressure 170mbar (17 kPa; 2,46psi)
Pressure sensor range(relative) -1,000 to0 mbar ±5 mbar(-14,5 to 0 psi)
Operating mode Semi-automatic, based on pre selection of a receipt by the user (therapist), with real time control of treatment parameters.
Main treatment parameters • Time range of increasing and decreasing suction pressure ramps 0,1s to 10s
• Maximum suction pressure range (control system imposed limit) 20mbar to 180mbar
• Minimum suction pressure range(control system imposed limit) 0mbar to 60mbar
• Time range for suction (maximum or minimum) 0s to 10s
• Possibility of tonification pulse
IP Protection IP20
Operating temperature range +5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F)
Operating moisture range 35% a 85%, without condensation
Electrical features
Electrical Power Supply Monophasic, 230 VAC, 50Hz, with magnetotermic and earth protection
Electric consumption 1kW (Nominal)
Electrical standards • Electromagnetic compatibility: ISO 55011
• Radiofrequency emissions: CISPR 11, group 1, class B
• Harmonic emissions: IEC 61000-3-2, class A
• Electro medicaldevice: ISO 60601
Weight and storage conditions
Weight • Vacuum unit: 135 kg (297.7 lbs.)
• Mobile collector: 25 kg (55 lbs.)
• Galvanic isolation unit: 15 kg (33 lbs.)
Range of temperatures -10°C to +60°C (14°F to +122°F)
Range of moisture 5% a 90%, without condensation
Accessories and options
Accessories • Mobile collector equipped with 8 suction points for autonomous treatment, each equipped with an on/off valve and a suction cup, and a flexible hose for vacuum vehiculation from the vacuum unit.
• 2 manual points for localizedctreatments, each equippedcwithca flexible vacuum vehiculation hose and a connector for the suction cups.
• Anatomical suction cups, exchangeable and connectable to all suction points of operation.
Optional accessories • Articulated arm for tablet PC.
• Magnetic supports for flexible hoses.
Applicators set
ISO 60601-1 8 typesof anatomic, exchangeable, suction cups
Mobile collector (VV.C8-001B02) • H:1400mm [55.1in]
• W:750mm [29.5in]
• D:550mm [21.6in]
Vacuum unit (PHY.VU-001B01) • H:185.0mm [7.28in]
• W:78.0mm [3.07in]
• D:60.0mm [2.36in]
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