PHYSIUM®System is a non-invasive and multifocal device. Treatment is provided through controlled Pulsed Negative Pressure (PNP). Its pulsating vacuum system induces a soft tissue mobilization massage at adjustable depths. The stimulus is applied with anatomically designed treatment heads.

PHYSIUM®System is a stand-alone device, intended for simultaneous global treatment of tension chains, with touch screen, multiple fixed and mobile treatment outlets (working individually or simultaneously), and interchangeable treatment heads.

The clinician administers PHYSIUM® treatment (bio-stimulus) by selecting:

  • Pulse frequency for treatment purpose
  • Pressure (digitally adjustable to 1 mbar) for depth
  • Negative pressure up-down time
  • Fixed positioning (no attendance required) of its eight adjustable arms
  • Use of its dual mobile arms for manual intervention
  • Appropriate treatment head selection

Treatment heads are designed for maximum efficacy, depending on treatment protocol, desired outcome, surface size, bio-stimuli needed, and morphological complexity of the tissue surface to be treated.

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