PHYSIUM®Sport is a non-invasive multifunctional device. Treatment is performed with its dual controlled Pulsed Negative Pressure (PNP) outlets. Its pulsating vacuum system induces a soft tissue mobilization massage at adjustable depths. The stimulus is applied with anatomically designed treatment heads.

PHYSIUM®Sport is a mobile device easily transported between treatment rooms, with touch screen, dual flexible treatment outlets (working individually or simultaneously), and interchangeable treatment heads.

The clinician administers PHYSIUM® treatment (bio-stimulus) by selecting:

  • Pulse frequency for treatment purpose
  • Pressure (digitally adjustable to 5 mbar) for depth
  • Negative pressure up-down time
  • Appropriate treatment-head selection

Treatment heads are designed for maximum efficacy, depending on treatment protocol, desired outcome, surface size, bio-stimuli needed, and morphological complexity of the tissue surface to be treated.

Maximum Negative Pressure 500mbar (50kPa; 7,25psi)
Operating mode Semiautomatic, based on applying treatment programs by the operator. Parameters can be modified when the device is working.
Main treatment parameters • Time up ad down of pressure from 0.1s to 10s
• Range of intense vacuum from 0mbar to 500mbar
• Range of weak vacuum from 0mbar to 500mbar
• Time from intense to weak vacuum (0s to 10s)
ID Protection IP20
Operating temperature +5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F)
Operating moisture range 35% a 85%, without condensation
Electrical features
Electrical Power Supply Single-phase, 230 VAC, 50Hz, with magnetothermal protection and envelope earthing
Electric consumption 1kW (Nominal)
Weight and storage conditions
Weight 20 kg (44,09 lbs)
Range of temperatures -10°C to +60°C (14°F to +122°F)
Range of moisture 5% a 90%, without condensation
Accessories and options
Accessories included • Interchangeable anatomical treatment applicators, connectable to the operation sockets.
• Magnet supports for flexible arms
Applicators set
ISO 60601-1 8 types of interchangeable anatomical treatment applicators
Device • H:350mm [13.78in]
• W:500mm [19.69in]
• D:400mm [15.75in]
Shipping Dimensions • H:400mm [15.75in]
• W:720mm [28.35in]
• D:500mm [19.69in]
Magnetic Hose Holders (black) • H:80mm [3.2in]
• W:80mm [3.2in]
• D:80mm [3.2in]
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