What is PHYSIUM® technology?

PHYSIUM® is a controlled Pulsed Negative Pressure (PNP) device for non-invasive mechanotherapy. Its interchangeable treatment heads are applied directly on skin, thus generating a vacuum essential for normalizing multiple soft-tissue systems, and reinforcement of neuromuscular connection.

The milestone achieved with PHYSIUM® technology is the capability of creating documented quantifiable and repeatable physiotherapy treatments. The latter permits standardization, resulting in the possibility of creating evidence based session protocols, clinical trials and studies.

MC Health Tech has been innovating over the past 10 years in controlled PNP mechanotherapy. Our efforts have resulted in two devices, designed to complement and be operated by physiotherapist:

Both devices induce a mechanical action upon the myofascial and neuronal tissue, resulting in bio-stimuli that:

  • Reduces muscular tension and inflammation. Painless treatment.
  • Softens deep tissue (decompression), making it flexible thus gaining movement.
  • Reduces inflammation between tissue layers, reducing acute and chronic myofascial pains.
  • Elasticizes and normalizes fibrotic scar tissues, post-surgical included: keloid, edematous, hypersensitive. Painless treatment.
  • Provokes detachment of the soft-tissue planes (inter-fascial adherence partitioning) resulting in improved nerve gliding and normalization of electric impulse transmission.
  • Causes an immediate effect for post-training muscle fatigue and pain.
  • Immediately drains trauma and post-surgical inflammation.
  • Activates neuronal response, thus reducing injury-related pain and anxiety.
  • Promotes blood flow and lymphatic vascular circulation.

Scientific fundaments to
PHYSIUM® technologies

MC Health Tech’s technology was developed considering the disadvantages of conventional physical therapy, such as: physical deterioration of the practitioners, impossibility of treating entire tension chains and soft tissue systems simultaneously, lack of repeatable treatments and quantifiable protocolled process.

In particular, three scientifically recognized pillars dictated our innovation efforts:

The process through which cells sense and respond to mechanic stimuli by converting them to biochemical signals that elicit specific cellular response.

PHYSIUM® technologies produce stimuli at a cellular level, transmitting through the cell-matrix, thus inducing intra-cellular signaling.

PHYSIUM® technologies applies external mechanic stimuli to organic tissues which deforms and reshapes collagen molecules, thus producing the piezoelectric effect and changes to the load.

The piezoelectric properties confer to the collagen molecules a negative charge, resulting in a strong proliferate impact of the tissue in the desired treatment subject. The collagen of all soft tissues, including those forming the anatomical structures (tendon, fascia, aponeurosis, bone, etc.), is absolutely identical throughout our organism. Thus piezoelectric properties of collagen are similar across our organism.

PNP mechanotherapy activates the mechanotransduction signaling pathway’s focal adhesion kinase and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2, and potentiates mitochondrial biogenesis signaling.

Moreover, physiotherapeutic massage attenuates the production of the inflammatory cytokines tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6 (IL-6), thereby mitigating cellular stress resulting from myofiber injury.

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