About Us

MC Health Tech is a medical device company. It engages in research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of non-invasive technologies for the physiotherapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and post surgical medical sectors.

With 20 years of experience in the field, we provide an additional perspective to the physiotherapy sector by bringing efficiency, increased productivity, value to its professional practitioners, and resolve to their patients.

Our patented PHYSIUM® technologies are CE marked Pulsed Negative Pressure (PNP) stimulation devices, specifically designed for the decompressing mobilization of connective tissue, including the deep fascia, and treat muscular, nervous, and vascular systems, as well as post-surgical scars.

MC Health Tech

PHYSIUM®devices aid clinicians during their manual therapy treatment process. Patients experience the mechanotherapy and its stimuli as a deep but painless massage.

PHYSIUM®technology solutions, and its proprietary methodology, has resulted in two key milestones:

  1. Standardization of treatment, the primary challenge in the physiotherapy sector, permitting our methodology and technology to undergo rigorous clinical testing and produce scientific evidence.
  2. Extending professional longevity of clinicians engaging in manual therapy for their everyday practice. With PHYSIUM®, atrophies and deterioration related to providing effective manual therapy treatments are immediately prevented; straining of fingers, hands, and forearms.

All PHYSIUM® devices include proprietary training and continuing education, resulting in a fundamental understanding of the principals of the methodology, and efficacy of its treatment protocols.

We are headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, where we have our manufacturing as well as our Research & Training facility.

With the right technology, we believe that physiotherapists can leverage the power of PHYSIUM’s Pulsed Negative Pressure stimuli to increase efficacies and patient resolve.

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