MC Health Tech

MC Health Tech is a medical device company, engaged in research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of non-invasive technologies for the physiotherapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and post surgical medical sectors.

Our patented PHYSIUM technologies, are CE marked pulse negative pressure stimulation devices, specifically designed for mobilizing the deep fascia and treat musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous and lymphatic system disorders such as chronic pain, edema, and fibrosis.

Scientific Research

In order to carry out a scientific study of efficacy, it is necessary that the “dose” of mechanotherapy is standardized, quantifiable, andreproducible. PHYSIUM devices are thus suitable for clinical trials and studies whereas manual therapy is not.

Postsurgical Fibrosis

PHYSIUM devices reduce or eliminate pain, and restrict formation of surgical scars, with reduced healing time and greater efficacy in comparison to manual therapy.

Chronic Pain Reduction

The Saló Darder Diagnosis & Treatment Methodology, applied withPHYSIUM devices, has a 100% success rate in substantial chronic pain reduction, and an 80% success rate in chronic pain eradication.


PHYSIUM devices allow reaching greater muscular depths than manual therapy.

Painless Treatment

PHYSIUM devices are painless for the patient due to technological calibration.


PHYSIUM devices reduce inflammation faster and more effectively than manual therapy.

Contracture or Muscle Pain

PHYSIUM devices reduce and ultimately eliminate muscle tension faster than manual therapy.


PHYSIUM devices reduce edema more efficiently and without pain.

Scientific Evidence

The result and efficiency of PHYSIUM device treatments are scientifically documented and evidenced.


PHYSIUM improves mobility and eliminates pain, even in third degree burns, in shorter time and with a higher efficiency rate than manual therapy.

Increased Range of Motion

PHYSIUM device treatment results in an immediate and guaranteed increase in range of motion (joints).

Reproducible Treatment

PHYSIUM device treatments are reproducible due to the calibrated and standardized methodology of its mechanotherapy. There is no variation as with manual therapy.

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